When and where is CAMI held?

CAMI will be held on Thursday, August 25, 2016 at the International Conventions Center in Jerusalem.

For detailed explanation on how to arrive and information about the International Conventions Center, please see the “Location” tab in the menu.

Who is CAMI targeted to?

CAMI is held for every Anime, Manga, and Japanese culture enthusiast and is open to the public and everyone who wants to know more about the field.

What is the convention's theme?

This year, the convention’s theme is music. The theme is a central part of the convention’s design, and part of the events will focus on this theme.

What's happening in CAMI?

CAMI will house many attractions – commercial and private stalls with Anime and Manga merchandise, a big cosplay competition, enriching lectures, interesting panels, creative workshops, gaming areas and more.

More information can be found under “Content” in the menu.

How much does a ticket cost?

The ticket to CAMI will cost 55 NIS for a regular ticket, or 50 NIS for Amai members.

How much will the events cost?

The events are free, and require no further payment beyond the entrance ticket.

Where can I purchase a ticket for CAMI?

You could purchase a ticket on-site, or pre-ordered from the Hebrew site.

What can I bring with me to CAMI?

The International Conventions Center hold basic security regulations. Any weapon (or a weapon-like object) that could pose a danger is forbidden – metal swords (even if they aren’t sharp), clubs, hammers and other weapons that aren’t made of plastic, are soft or are padded.

Entry with any such object will lead to its’ confiscation upon entry. In the event that you aren’t sure if your weapon is allowed, please send us a message with the description (and hopefully an image) of your object from the “Contact Us” menu.

Will "CAMI+" tickets be available?

“CAMI+” tickets are planned this convention as well.

The “CAMI+” Ticket will grant additional benefits such quick line to the Cosplay Event and the Special Guest Events.

“If it is not permitted outside the convention, then neither is it allowed inside”. Any transgression against Israeli law, is also a breach of the convention’s regulations!

The Cami convention strives to create a peaceful and enjoyable environment for all enthusiasts of Anime, Manga, and Japanese culture in general. Therefore, we would like to remind you that all visitors are expected to maintain a civilized behavior while inside the convention grounds, in addition to following the regulations of the convention. Visitors who breach Cami’s regulations will be susceptible to removal from convention grounds, without being reimbursed for their entry ticket. Furthermore, their entry to future conventions will be in jeopardy as well.



  1. Entry with any controlled or illegal substances, alcohol, explosive materials, or weaponry (both firearms and melee) is strictly prohibited. Smoking inside convention grounds is also not allowed.
  2. All visitors are expected to treat convention staff, ICCJ (International Convention Center in Jerusalem) staff, and other visitors with respect. Any inappropriate behavior will be dealt with swiftly and severely.
  3. The sale of any goods inside the convention grounds is allowed only to either individuals or businesses which have received specific permits to do so from the convention’s administration. Visitors who are caught selling goods without the proper permit will be removed from convention grounds immediately. *This includes gathering donations and selling services without the Cami administration’s permit.
  4. Due to the limited space and number of seats in each of the convention’s content rooms (including but not limited to lecture halls, auditoriums, and the main stage),entry to certain events may require standing in line before the event begins, and might result in the admission of only a part of the waiters into the room. Please adhere to the instructions of the convention staff in order to allow for swift and organized seating.
  5. Passage from the convention grounds and into other parts of the event hall (which are not drawn in the convention’s map) is strictly prohibited. Visitors caught in areas not defined as part of the convention space, will be removed from the convention grounds immediately.


    1. Entry into Cami convention grounds will be allowed only with specific entry bracelets, which can be acquired by presenting your Cami ticket at the appropriate desk in the convention’s entrance hall.
    2. Cami tickets can be acquired by either on-the-spot purchase at the convention’s ticket booths, or by collecting a pre-purchased ticket (purchased either online or at a ticket sales event) at the correlating desk in the convention’s entrance hall by presenting your purchase validation document to the convention staff.
    3. An entrance bracelet may only be received in exchange for a Cami ticket with the proper validations.
    4. Entry into all convention grounds and events, with respect to space and seating limits, is provided by the entry bracelet, and does not require any further payment, unless specified by the convention’s administration.
    5. Cami does not allow refunds for tickets purchased at the convention’s ticket booths. Refunds for bought tickets can be received only with permission of the convention’s administration, in accordance with their judgement.
    6. A pre-purchased ticket can be revoked and refunded up to a week before the convention, by contacting the convention’s administration at director@cami.org.il.
    7. Once received, please keep your entry bracelet on at all times, as it is your ticket back inside in case you leave convention grounds. Entry to people who have lost their bracelets can be conducted only by convention staff, in accordance with their judgement, and is not guaranteed.
    8. Until 17:00, using the Cosplay Photography Corner, is allowed only to convention staff and photographer selected beforehand by the convention’s administration.
    9. During the convention, Cami’s Documentation Team* will document the different events and spaces in the convention.
    10. By purchasing a ticket, you acknowledge and agree to the chance that a picture of you may be taken by the aforementioned team, and that said picture may be used for the convention’s and Amai’s purposes.
    11. Requests for removal of unwanted photographs can be addressed to pr@amai.org.il.
    12. The rights to any photograph taken by the aforementioned team belongs to Amai, and the organization reserves the right to use them for any P.R reasons at all times.


  1. Any form of harassment (both physical and verbal) will not be tolerated at the Cami convention. Individuals caught harassing other visitors will be removed from convention grounds, and in severe cases will be reported to the local authorities. Assessment of the severity of the harassment is up to the appropriate convention staff and in accordance with their judgment.
  2. It is possible, and even encouraged, to report any harassment experienced at the convention to the Info Booth at the convention’s foyer, or to any available staff member. Reported harassment cases will be documented and dealt with by the convention’s staff and administration to the best of our ability.


Bags and Personal Belongings

  1. Visitors can leave their bags and personal belongings at the convention’s Storage Desk.
  2. While the Storage Desk will be constantly monitored, Cami’s staff is not responsible for any loss or theft of bags or personal belongings, there, and throughout the convention. Please keep an eye on your belongings at all times.

Food and Beverages

  1. In accordance with ICCJ regulations, only non-bought food is allowed entry into the convention grounds. Food and beverages can be bought at the event hall’s cafeteria, as well as at food stands placed throughout the convention’s grounds.
  2. Entering content rooms whilst carrying food is prohibited. Entry with beverages is allowed.


Photography and Video

Tip: always ask for permission before taking someone’s photo or recording them.

  1. Try to avoid causing traffic jams at narrow passages, such as the stairs, or the aisles between the stands.
  2. Photography and video recording in any of the content rooms (specifically in lectures, panels, and workshops) will be allowed only with the lecturer’s permission. Using any kind of camera or recording device during a screening event is strictly prohibited.
  3. Flash photography during skits is prohibited due to safety precautions.
  4. The convention’s staff retains the right to prohibit any type of photography or recording during any of the convention’s events.
  5. The convention’s staff retains the right to demand deletion of any photograph or video recording not taken in accordance with the above regulations.*Cami’s Documentation Team – a team of volunteers, chosen and funded by the convention’s staff, whose role is to document the convention in stills/video for future purposes.

Sexual Violence Policies

Definition: Sexual assault is an act that is sexual in nature (meaning any action or reference to a person’s sexuality) that is done without one of the sides’ consent.


AMAI’s Activity to Stop Sexual Harassment

  1. The organization’s committee will appoint staff for stopping sexual harassment and will be sure to publish ways to contact them on the organization’s website and in a letter to the members.
  2. The appointed person will make sure each convention has staff that is responsible for preventing sexual harassment, and will be sure to instruct her.
  3. The appointed person at each convention will be responsible for instructing the rest of the staff and the volunteers about preventing sexual harassment, myth busting, giving basic tools for dealing both with the attacker and the victim.
  4. Rules of conduct at the organization’s events will be published on the website and will be linked to at the events’ websites.
  5. In no case will minors be allowed in original productions that feature sexual content or ones that feature inappropriate outfits. The definition of “sexual content” as well as “inappropriate outfits” are determined by the person appointed by the organization’s committee, according to the nature of the event and the age of the participants.
  6. Minors under the age of 15 will be allowed to participate in original productions, at the discretion of the person appointed by the organization’s Sexual harassment prevention executive
  7. Complaints regarding sexual violence or harassment will be dealt with by the organization’s appointed person, while keeping all of the complainant’s personal details discrete. In case there is a suspicion of sexual harassment, the person appointed will write a report on the matter for the organization’s committee, which will investigate the matter and involve the necessary authorities.

In any case of sexual violence or harassment, you can contact the organization’s appointed person via this email: harassment@amai.org.il


Rules of Conduct at AMAI Events

  1. Every visitor’s privacy and personal boundaries should be respected; there shouldn’t be any commentary, both of physical and verbal nature, to anyone’s body or sexuality.
  2. Sexually harassing visitors, staff, volunteers or any other person is strictly forbidden.
  3. Committing obscenities (acts that are meant for sexual satisfaction, stimulation or humiliation) is strictly forbidden.
  4. Making repeated suggestions of a sexual nature to a person who has shown that they are not interested is forbidden. A person in a management position at the event will not make such suggestions under any circumstances to their subordinates.
  5. Making repeated references to a person’s sexuality are strictly forbidden when the person has shown that they are not interested in them. . A person in a management position at the event will not make such references under any circumstances to their subordinates.
  6. Humiliating or degrading speech in regards to their sex or sexuality are strictly forbidden, including references to their sexual orientation.
  7. In any case of suspicion of inappropriate behavior, it should be reported to the appointed person in the organization or in the event’s staff.
  8. The entrance of minors to adult-only events is prohibited.
  9. Minors under the age of 15 will not be allowed to volunteer.
  10. Wearing inappropriate attire at the convention complex is forbidden. “Inappropriate attire” includes stage costumes, fan costumes, or any other outfit that exposes private areas. The definition of a clothing item as “inappropriate” is subject to the decision of the staff member who is responsible for the matter at the event, in accordance to the nature of the event and the age of the participants.
  11. Visitors who will be wearing inappropriate attire will be asked to change it or leave the premise. Minors will not be allowed to appear on stage in such attire. The staff member who is responsible for the matter must instruct the director of the various productions in advance regarding the matter.